HP elitebook fingerprint scanner

The EliteBook notebook series were HP’s most successful business laptops that offered tons of security features at stealth price. They come with all sort of security features, including fingerprint scanners, for protection against malicious programs and unauthorised access. Unlike other laptops, the EliteBook’s have metal aluminium body that are scratch-proof, and their build are quite durable. They were built to last.

If you are using one of the earlier models of HP EliteBook you might face an issue with the fingerprint sensor not working on Windows 10 if you have Windows 10 OS installed, or you upgraded from earlier versions of Windows. Windows 10 brought its own fingerprint authentication via Windows Hello for sign in, which unfortunately does not support earlier builds of EliteBook. On Windows 10, you will not be able to login using your fingerprint sensor, but there is a way to make it work.

sign in options Windows 10
Windows Hello not recognising the presence of fingerprint sensor on EliteBook

The EliteBook models that may experience this issue include EliteBook 8440p, EliteBook 8440w, EliteBook 8540p, EliteBook 8540w, EliteBook 8460p, EliteBook 8460w, EliteBook 8470p, EliteBook 8470W, EliteBook 8560p, EliteBook 8560w, and EliteBook 8760w. If you are using any of these HP laptops, then you have come to the right place. This tutorial is specifically meant for these EliteBook models as they all use Validity fingerprint sensor.

Initially, the HP Protect Tools is the software security program that provide the interface for the enrollment of fingerprints and enabling of security features on these laptops, but the program does not support Windows 10. However, HP has introduced another security software program for EliteBook that works with Windows 10. The name of the software is HP Client Security Manager.

Follow the steps below to enable fingerprint login on your HP EliteBook running Windows 10:

Please, make sure you remove/uninstall HP Protect Tools and Validity driver installed in your PC before you install the software below.

Download and install the following softwares:

Now proceed:

Client Security login

Step 1

Open the Client Security Manager and enter your Windows password to login

HP Client Security home menu

Step 2

Select “Fingerprint” from the main menu

Enter Windows password

Step 3

You will be asked to re-enter your Windows password, enter your password again and login

Fingerprint enrollment

Step 4

In the next window you will be able to enroll your fingerprint. Swipe your right hand thumb on the fingerprint sensor of your EliteBook to start the enrollment

You will need to swipe your thumb three times on the fingerprint sensor for the fingerprint to be fully enrolled.

Second fingerprint enrollment

Step 5

Enroll the right hand index finger by swiping the finger three times on the fingerprint sensor to enroll it as the second fingerprint for login

You can enroll as many fingerprint as you want by selecting the “Enroll an additional fingerprint” option

Enrollment completed

Step 6

Click the “Finish” button to save


Step 7

Now go back to the home by clicking the home button and select “Settings” at the top right of the window

Step 8

Select “security features”

One step logon enabled

Step 9

Tick the “Windows Logon Security”, “Power-on Authentication”, and “Allow One Step Logon”, then click the Apply button

Restart your PC

If you face any problem, do not hesitate to drop a comment below so we can help.


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