How to add a floating shortcut bar to your Windows 10 desktop


Floating shortcut bar windows 10

Windows operating system has greatly evolved since the genesis of its introduction for the computer system. With new updates comes new features that makes the operating system more flexible and usable in a more diverse way, the latest version being Windows 10. The beauty of Windows is its support for countless of third-party apps, one of which we will be talking about today.

Its supports for other third-party apps makes Windows 10 more than just a tool as it can be tweaked or enhanced for many other purpose. It can also be made to be more user friendly by making additions to the UI to improve its multitasking ability. This is what the floating shortcut bar is all about – to beautify your desktop and to improve multitasking.

Officially, the Windows 10 does not comes with a floating shortcut bar out-of-the-box, but there is a software you can install to enable it on your Windows 10 PC. RocketDock is a software program that enable Windows 10 users to add a fully customizable floating shortcut bar to their PC desktop. It is a software program developed by Punk Labs that float at the top of your Windows desktop.

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The floating bar provide access to apps, files, and folders, which you can add by drag and drop.  You only need to drag the file, folder or app icon to the floating bar and it will automatically be added as a shortcut. You can add as many apps, files and folders as you want as there is no limit to the number of shortcuts that can be created.

RocketDock is flexible in many ways and can be customized to an user liking. Users can change the icon of each app within the bar, can adjust the width and height of the floating bar, and users can also enable the “auto hide” feature that will automatically hide the floating bar from the desktop and let it pop out when hover with a mouse. More than 15 different themes can be chosen from to customize the look and feel of the floating bar.

If the top of the screen is not an ideal place for you, you can pin the floating shortcut bar to the right or left side of the screen from within the settings. There is also an option to make it float on top of opened windows, which can be turned on/off depending on an user preference. RocketDock is only 7MB in size.


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