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Hide video from video player android

Android is the most flexible and the most customizable mobile operating system, thanks to its open source nature. It can be tweaked in various ways to be faster, more responsive, and more user friendly with thousands of apps readily available in the Play Store. Moreover, it can be easily customized to an user liking with huge number of third-party developers available to help on platforms like XDA.

Today however, I am here to show you how you can hide the videos downloaded to your Android phone from video players installed in your phone. If you have MX Player, VLC Player, or other video players installed in your Android phone, in this tutorial you will learn how you can hide the video files stored in your phone from these video players.

By default, Android video player and other third-party video players automatically fetch (sync) video files stored in the phone storage and external storage to their main interface, where users are able to view them directly. Some Android Gallery also have these features. This make it easy to have all video files saved in the phone listed in one place for users to easily access without fumbling around.

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However, not most of these video players have the ability to hide videos from their main interface without deleting them. Anyone can easily view all the videos you have in your Android phone by just opening the video player you installed. If you have a video file in your Android phone that you want to keep discreet or hidden due to a reason only known to you, it may prove difficult. Video files are automatically fetch by video players installed on Android irrespective of the location where the files are stored. 

In this article, you will learn how you can completely hide any video file in your Android phone from Android native video player, Gallery, MX Player, VLC Player, Boom Player and any other video players you installed. It only required a file manager, root is not needed. You can use any file manager of your choice including ES File Explorer.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1

Android file manager root folder

Open any file manager installed in your Android phone and navigate to the folder where you store the video files. In this case, the videos are stored in the movies folder. It may be in the video folder, DCIM, or any other folder depending on the location you chose to save yours.

Step 2

Video folder

In the movies folder are listed the video files available in the phone.

Step 3

Selected video file option

Click and hold the video file that you want to hide. Among the options presented, select “Rename” depending on the file manager you used.

Step 4

Rename video file

Now, delete the video file extension when renaming the video file as highlighted in the image above. In this case, I deleted the .mp4 from Among the Shadows (2019).mp4, leaving just Among the Shadows (2019). Common video file extensions are mp4, AVI, 3gp, and mkv.

Step 5

Remove video file extension

You can also rename the video file if you wish to. As seen in the image, the video file extension has been removed. Click the “Rename” or “Save” button (depending on the file manager you used).

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After doing this, the video will be entirely hidden on your phone. No one will be able to locate the video using any app; the location of the video will be only known to you. You can play the video directly in the file manager but it won’t be visible in any gallery app and video players you installed on your phone. To make it visible, simply follow Step 1 to Step 4 and add the video file extension back.

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