How to boost audio volume by 200% when watching videos on MX Player


Boost MX Player audio volume by 200-percent

MX Player is one of the most patronized video player on the Play Store. The app has been in existence for more than 8 years, and it has a huge fan base. MX Player is the goto app for smartphone users that loved watching movies on their phone. It has various features for immersive viewing experience and supports almost all video and audio formats. Apart from being a video player, it can also be used as an audio player.

Today, I will be sharing how Android users can boost the audio volume by 200% when watching video on MX Player. This will increase the audio volume of the video drastically and make the sound twice as loud as before, which will be of great benefit to Android phones with tiny speakers or with poor audio optimization.

Audio volume panel on Android

By default, when watching a video on MX Player the audio volume is set to be in sync with the phone media volume. This means, when you lower or increase the volume on MX Player you are controlling your Android phone media volume. So basically, the loudness of the audio of the video playing is not determined by MX Player but by your phone media volume.

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If the speaker of your phone is not loud, then the audio volume will definitely be poor when watching video or listening to music on your phone irrespective of the player you used. MX Player have 15 audio volume steps that can be controlled by pressing the volume buttons of the phone or by swiping the right area of the screen during video playback.

MX Player audio volume at 100-percent
Audio volume at 100-percent during video playback

Video audio volume increased by 200-percent
Audio volume boosted to 200% during video playback

The 15 audio volume steps sync with the phone media volume, with 1 being the lowest volume and 15 being the highest volume. However, you can push the volume steps to 30 thereby increasing the audio volume by 200%. This is one of the features I like most on MX Player and it is the reason why I still use it. It works irrespective of the video format and audio format.

How to increase the audio volume by 200% on MX Player

Step 1

Video playback screen

Launch MX Player from the app drawer and tap the video you want to view among the videos listed. In the playback screen, at the top-right corner is the “audio settings” icon. Tap on it.

Step 2

Audio settings

Three options will be provided in the audio settings:

  1. Audio track
  2. Disable
  3. Use SW audio decoder

Tick the third option (Use SW audio decoder) if not ticked and tap the back button to exit. Press the volume up button and see the magic.

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