Tech In ABC sold for an undisclosed amount


Tech In ABC logo

Today, I Caleb Olayiwola is giving up this website ( to Johnson Ofonimeh for an undisclosed amount. It has been a wonderful experience here sharing all the articles that made you all laugh and more knowledgeable 😉.

It has been an honor to work this blog to the current level that it is, and I hope Johnson will do a better work.

This will be my last article here, so, it will be very short. I aim to create another blog where I can develop other people’s skills in the next few months.

Tech In ABC still remains one of the best for learning basics about tech and social media, and I hope Johnson will do a better job more than I do to cater to fans and to those that seek knowledge about basic things that the site has to offer.

I love you all 😘


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