[Facebook] How to restrict people from posting on your profile timeline or wall


Facebook has become the local market place for gathering information as well as relating with special people in our lives. The social network sees billions of people lurking around its platform every month, to post, to share ideas, to read posts, and to have fun.

But what about your privacy as a user? I mean, how can you tame this social giant for your own benefit? Allowing other people (mostly your friends) post on your Facebook wall might not be the thing you’ll want to support. I mean, someone you hardly know in real life posting “I love you” on your wall or timeline should be neatly weeded out.

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If you get these funny posts on your wall, well, there is a way you can shut them down for good. Facebook knows what is best for their users (at least they do sometimes), and as a result provides an option to restrict people from posting on your Facebook timeline or on your wall. This is what I’ll be showing you this morning.


Let’s get straight to the real thing:

I’ll be using Facebook Lite for this tutorial. If you don’t have it installed in your phone, you can download it from here.


Step 1

Facebook homefeed

Open Facebook Lite. Insert your username and password to login. At the top right, tap the menu button.


Step 2

Facebook lite menu

Under menu, select “Settings”


Step 3


Under “Settings”, tap the “Profile and Tagging” option


Step 4

Profile and tagging

Choose the first option at the top (who can post on your profile)


Step 5

Who can post on your timeline

Select “Only me”

That’s all.

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